FAQ about the process and expectations

What is the purpose of the Arctic Ocean workshops in relation to the Ocean Decade?

To deliver an action plan for Ocean Decade activities in the Arctic 2021-2030 which coordinates, inspires and includes all interested parties.

How is the Ocean Decade Arctic process?

Ocean Decade Arctic process Click to see larger version of the figure


How will the Ocean Decade Arctic Action Plan be used and by who?

This process will result in a first iteration of the Action Plan for the Arctic region which will guide coordinated activities at the start of the Decade. The Task Force envisions that new iterations be required as progress is made during the Ocean Decade, and new needs, opportunities and collaborations arise. 

The content of the Action Plan may also form the basis for guiding investment in strategic research, innovation and infrastructure by national and regional agencies. For example the European Commission has indicated that the next seven year research and innovation programme (Horizon Europe), will have emphasis on supporting the Ocean Decade. This is anticipated to translate into requests for R&I proposals to align with Ocean Decade goals. 

The Ocean Decade global launch event in the summer 2021, will also highlight the action plan to a global audience.

What is the specific goal of the working groups and the workshops?

Each working group will identify what the challenges and solutions are for the Arctic region, for a particular societal outcome of the Ocean Decade. Participants are anticipated to bring all their ideas, priorities and knowledge about ongoing and wanted actions, partnerships etc. This will also include reflections on the feasibility and timing of actions.

How will the input from the working groups contribute to the final Action Plan for the Arctic Ocean?

The input will be delivered by the working group chairs to the drafting team (the Arctic Ocean Task Force), which will ensure that all key suggestions are reflected in the action plan.

What will happen after the working groups deliver their input?

A draft action plan will be made available online, and all stakeholders invited to participate in the online consultation on 16-17 March 2021 where working group chairs will present each contribution to the plan, and take questions from participants.

What is the difference between the ‘Arctic Action Plan’ and the ‘Ocean Decade Implementation Plan 2.0?

The Ocean Decade Implementation Plan (version 2.0 presently) is the overall framework developed by IOC Unesco, which will guide, scope and articulate the purpose, ambitions and tools of the global Ocean Decade efforts.

In comparison the coming regional action plans, of which the Arctic Action Plan will be the first, represent the translation of the global plan to a regional level. This is needed as sustainable development represents highly complex place-based challenges spanning both environmental, economic and social dimensions. All areas which demand regional interpretation to deliver solutions which are relevant for stakeholders spanning both industry, governance, science and local communities.

What should YOU prepare in advance for the workshop?

Be ready to briefly present yourself and your organisation (e.g. what activities are you already doing or planning), and have a clear idea about what challenges you see in relation to reaching the suggested societal outcome and what realistic actions, partnerships etc. would be able to address it.

When will the workshops happen and how?

All workshop meetings will be online. You will be contacted on email with link to Zoom meetings. Key dates include 22. October - Working group kick off meeting for all groups, followed by two to three dedicated workshops on 23 October, 5 November, and 18 November (if necessary) 2020. Specific time for meetings will be made available on this website.
Workshop process
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