Who is behind the Arctic Ocean Decade process?

The Ocean Decade's Arctic process is being organized and hosted by the Danish Centre for Marine Research with planning and guidance from the Ocean Decade Arctic Task Force.

Members of the Task Force

The Task Force is comprised of representatives from research and policy communities working in the Arctic in addition to IOC UNESCO (to ensure alignment with the wider Ocean Decade process) and representatives from Danish Centre for Marine Research. To support an international focus, rather than national interests, the task force members have been selected in their capacity of representatives of international institutions, communities, networks, efforts etc.

Presently the task force includes:

  • AMAP/SAON (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme/Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks). Represented by Jan Rene Larsen / Craig Lee 
  • ArcticNet (Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence). Represented by Jackie Dawson
  • AOOS (Alaska Ocean Observing System). Represented by Molly McCammon
  • APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists). Represented by Anna Gebruk
  • DCMR (Danish Centre for Marine Research) who organizes and lead the process. Represented by Colin Stedmon, Steffen Olsen, Karen Edelvang and Christian Riisager-Simonsen
  • DPS (Danish Polar Secretariat at the Agency for Science and Higher Education), Represented by Frej Sorento Dichmann
  • IASC (International Arctic Science Committee). Represented by Lee Cooper
  • ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) represented by Julie Kellner
  • IMO (International Maritime Organization). Represented by Sascha Pristrom Goal-based-Standards (GBS) Implementation Officer in the Maritime Safety Division, and Loukas Kontogiannis head of marine pollution in the Marine Environment Protection Division
  • IOC UNESCO, who plans the Ocean Decade. Represented by Henrik Enevoldsen and Marie-Elaine Boivin 
  • Kawerak Marine Program, who works better inclusion of Indigenous priorities. Represented by Austin Ahmasuk and Adelaine M. Ahmasuk
  • PAME (Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group, Arctic Council). Represented by Paula Kankaanpää
  • Research Council of Norway, who organized the preparatory “Arctic Ocean Decade Policy-Business-Science-Dialogue” in Troms January 2020. Represented by Jon L. Fuglestad

What is the role of the Task Force?

Throughout the planning process the Task Force serves as an international advisory committee to the organizers, both in terms of organizing the process, scoping of key documents and reaching out to the broader community.

Following the 2020 autumn process where 7 working groups will produce input to the action plan, which will be drafted by Danish Centre for Marine Research, the task force will additionally be responsible for reviewing the action plan.  

Who should I contact with questions for the organizers or Task Force?

To get in touch please write the organizers from Danish Centre for Marine Research’s secretariat Colin Stedmon and Christian Riisager-Simonsen at dch@danskhavforskning.dk



Arctic Task Force

The Ocean Decade Arctic Task Force was established in the spring 2020, as a second iteration of the Arctic Programme Advisory Committee originally created to support Danish Centre for Marine Research in organizing an international Ocean Decade Arctic workshop in Copenhagen.

This workshop was however cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, leading to the digital format now planned for the autumn/winter 2020. 

2 APRIL 2023